Dragon Sand

  • Makes for a great egg-laying medium when mixed 50/50 with Zoo Med’s Eco Earth® Substrate.
  • Excellent for
    • Bearded Dragons and other agamid lizards
    • Leopard Geckos
    • Soft-Shell Turtles (Aquarium application)
    • Tarantulas & Scorpions
    • Uromastyx Lizards
    • Sand Boas
    • Sandfish Lizards
    • Collared Lizards
    • Desert Iguanas
    • Desert and Semi-Terrestrial Skinks (Schneiders, Ocellated, or Sand)
    • Leopard Lizards (Gambelia Sp.)
    • Girdle-tailed, Plated, or Armadillo-Type Lizards
    • Burrowing Frogs (Spadefoot, True Toads)
    • and more.
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