The first Scales ‘N Tails Store opened it’s doors to a handful of customers in Northglenn, Colorado in 1996. Reptile ownership has been spreading across the country rapidly over the past decade, and it has been a pleasure for us to be able to see first hand the many people who have discovered the joy and satisfaction that comes with owning a pet Reptile. For nearly the past 20 years, Scales ‘N Tails has been there for local Reptile enthusiasts! We have grown to have 6 locations, spread across 2 states, and we have a strong desire to continue to add new locations.

Our owner, Jim Whitt’s appreciation for Reptiles started with a boyhood spent in the high desert around Las Vegas, Nevada. His commitment to animals aqnd his dream of owning a business culminated with the opening of that first Scales ‘N Tails store so many years ago. Due to the success of our Colorado stores, Jim was very happy to have the opportuninty to move back to Las Vegas and open the first Scales ‘N Tails store in Nevada!

In 2011, we decided the best way to continue to spread our love for animals throughout the nation would be to start offering Franchise opportunities. To date, we are proud to have 4 current franchisees operating successful Scales ‘N Tails stores, and it is our desire to have many more in the near future.

Scales ‘N Tails is your one stop reptile shop, where our customers can choose from a large variety of exotic pets, including all types of snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, tortoises, invertebrates, Sugar Gliders, and Hedgehogs. We also carry a full line of live feeders, and the top of line care products needed to give your exotic pet a healthy and happy life. Our staff has the passion and experience to help even the most inexperienced exotic pet keeper be successful.

For an out of this world experience that will take you back to the days dinosaurs roamed the earth, visit a Scales ‘N Tails near you, the store where reptiles rule!

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